In this section of our website we keep you informed about our activities such as the networking room, our committee work and fundings.

Networking room at Kolingasse

We now have a networking room available where PhD students can hang out and meet fellow PhDs. It can also be booked for meetings, workshops and other initiatives (max. capacity: 27 people).
Where? Seminar room 11, Kolingasse 14–16, 1090 Vienna, 1st floor
How? Book via the StudiesServiceCentre Social Sciences/Doctoral Studies. Make sure to book early. You can find more information about the room and the booking process here.

Conference funding

We use part of our budget to financially support doctoral students at the social sciences department who wish to attend scientific conferences. We especially want to support those who are not employed at the university and therefore do not have access to funding out of the university budget, or to budgets of third-party funded projects.

Funding call (English)

Funding call (Deutsch)

University committees

Part of our rep work are various university committees. In those, we are members besides the professors and other uni employees, and we try to contribute and emphasize the students' views.


ViDSS steering committee

The Vienna Doctoral School of Social Sciences (ViDSS) is governed by a speaker and a steering committee, comprising representatives of all research fields present at the Faculty of Social Sciences as well as two student representatives.


Studies conference

The studies conference is an advisory board to the Directorate of Doctoral Studies for Social Sciences and comprises six members from the group of teachers as well as six members from the group of students.


Faculty conference

The faculty conference is an advisory body of the Faculty of Social Sciences and consists of eight representatives of university professors, four representatives of associate professors as well as of other scientific staff in teaching or research, four representatives of students, one representative of administrative staff and their respective deputies.


Appointment committees

An appointment committee is established whenever a candidate selection process for a professorship or a habilitation procedure begins, and includes student members. Its role is to decide which candidate is selected.