About us

Bagru Sowi Dok is the abbreviation for "Basisgruppe Sowi-Doktorat". We represent the PhD students at the social sciences department as part of the Austrian National Union of Students (ÖH), and we were elected in the 2019, 2021 and 2023 ÖH elections. Being a Basisgruppe means that not only the 5 elected members take care of the rep work but so do other motivated activists enrolled in the social sciences. Together, we represent PhD students' interests in various university committees (→ Activities). Our work is open to all PhD students, we make decisions at our monthly meetings. Everybody is invited to join our meetings, bring ideas, influence decisions and develop activities. As a Basisgruppe, we prefer consensual decision-making, i.e. decisions are agreed upon and supported by all activists.

Our values

  • We believe education should be free and accessible to all interested individuals. We are critical towards elitist access to education based on presumed excellence and address such access barriers. Whenever possible, we try to minimize these.
  • We value diversity and are against discriminatory systems. Unfortunately, the latter persist at the university and in society more broadly, and manifest in research policies as well. In our view, different approaches to science enrich academic fields. Difference can enhance knowledge production and can be key to improving social conditions.
  • We prioritize directing our support to those who are in most urgent need.

ÖH election 2023

ÖH election 2021

ÖH election 2019