Covid-19 Hardship Fund

Due to continuing difficulties caused by COVID, we are publishing a call for our second hardship fund.

If you experienced a vast amount of pandemic-related costs in connection with your doctoral studies in the social sciences at the University of Vienna or lost your source of income due to the pandemic, please fill out the application form linked below and provide us with all necessary data as listed in the form by May 14th, 2021. Send us your application to

We will not be able to consider any applications with missing data (see enclosed application form for more details). Your documents should include your:
- student ID number (Matrikelnummer),
- degree programme code (Studienkennzahl),
- consolidated grade record,
- any receipt(s) proving extra costs,
- bank account statements covering the last three months and
- an (informal, short) explanation of why you are in a position of need due to the pandemic.

Our support can reach approx. 300 EUR per person, depending on the overall number of applicants. Non-EU-citizens will be prioritised. Please note that it may take several months to transfer the fund on your bank account due to bureaucratic requirements.


Application Form

Aufgrund der Covid-19-Pandemie vergeben wir derzeit keine Konferenzkosten-Förderungen. Diese werden nach Ende der Pandemie voraussichtlich wieder angeboten werden.


Wir benutzen einen Teil unseres Budgets für kleine finanzielle Förderungen von Doktoratsstudierenden an der Fakultät für Sozialwissenschaften. Wir möchten dabei besonders diejenigen unterstützen, die nicht an einer Universität angestellt sind und daher keinen Zugang zu Refundierungen aus dem universitären Globalbudget oder Drittmittelprojekt-Budgets haben.




Informationen zu bereits abgeschlossenen Förderungen finden sich in unserem Archiv.