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Representational Work

We represent students' interests on multiple levels. Within the university, we represent in various committees such as the study conference (StuKo) and the faculty conference (FakKonf).


Steering Committee (ViDSS)

The  Vienna Doctoral School of Social Sciences (ViDSS) is governed by a speaker and a steering committee comprising representatives of all research fields present at the Faculty of Social Sciences as well as a student representative.

Currently nominated student representatives are:

  • Raya Polishchuk
  • Tatjana Boczy


Study conference (StuKo)

The study conference is a regular meeting of the doctoral directorate of studies (DSPL), some further professoral members, and doctoral student representatives. Its objective is to discuss specific situations students find themselves in, envisioned developments on the faculty level, the curriculum etc. Every year students nominate six representatives as well as two substitute members.

Currently nominated student representatives are:

  • Doris Arztmann
  • Clemens Atamaniuk
  • Ruth Kager
  • Tanja Kiennast
  • Raya Polishchuk
  • Vera Schwarz

Their substitute members are:

  • Carina Berstian
  • Tatjana Boczy



Faculty Conference

The faculty conference is an advisory board on the faculty level that meets two to three times per semester to discuss current matters at the faculty. Elected professors, lecturers, academic staff, and representatives nominated by the HUS (faculty representatives social sciences/philosophy and educational sciences) constitute its members.  

Our present member of the faculty conference is:

  • Ralph Chan



Appointment committees

An appointment committee is established whenever a candidate selection process for a professorship or a habilitation procedure begins, and includes student members. Its role is to decide which candidate is selected. 

At the moment there are no active appointment committees in which Stv SoWi Dok is involved.