What is "BaGru SoWi Dok"?

BaGru SoWi Dok is the abbreviation for “PhD base group in social sciences”. The name stands for the student representation of the PhD curriculum in the social sciences that was elected in the 2019 ÖH-elections. The 5 elected candidates, along with further activists enrolled in this curriculum, represent PhD-students’ interests in various university committees. The current representatives work as a base group. This means that there is a plenary structure open to all PhD-students. Everybody is welcome to come to the meetings, bring ideas, influence decisions and develop activities. As a base group, we prefer consensual decision-making and try to take decisions in such a way so everyone involved can stand to them. We particularly value solution-oriented attitudes.


Our Goals

Our student union has just been formed in 2019. Our main objective is to have an active student union that is known among PhD-students, able to respond to a broad range of concerns and to represent a variety of interests vis-a-vis the university.


Our Values

  • We believe education should be free and accessible to all interested individuals. We are critical towards elitist, excellence-based access to education and point to barriers. Whenever possible, we try to minimize these.

  • We value diversity and are against discriminatory systems. Unfortunately, these remain tangible at university and in society more broadly, and manifest themselves in research policies too. In our view different approaches to science enrich academic fields. Difference can enhance knowledge production and can be key to improving societal conditions.

  • We make sure our support flows to those who are in most urgent need.


Elected Representatives

Although we work as a base group, it cannot be elected as such during ÖH-elections. Instead, in 2019 five candidates stood for election who share the base group’s values and wish to formally represent them. The number of activists working for our PhD-student union is higher. Please find below the names of the elected candidates

  • Atamaniuk Clemens
  • Boczy Tatjana 
  • Persch Marlene
  • Polishchuk Raya 
  • Sarwat Nadja



The journey of BaGru SoWi Dok just started: first election poster